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Reference List - Purpose

The primary purpose of a reference list is to provide the reader with the specific sources you cited, making it easy for them to locate those sources if they wish to verify your information or explore the topic further.

Bibliography - Purpose

A bibliography is more extensive and is often used in research projects where the reader may be interested in exploring a broader range of materials related to the topic.

Reference List – Placement

A reference list is typically placed at the end of the essay, just before any appendices (if applicable).

Bibliography – Placement

A bibliography, if included, also appears at the end of the essay, after the reference list, if there is one.

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Reference List: Formatting

The formatting of a reference list follows a specific citation style, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. Entries in the reference list are formatted according to the guidelines of the chosen citation style.

Bibliography: Formatting

Similarly, if you include a bibliography, it is formatted according to the chosen citation style, and entries are consistent with that style's rules for citations.

Everyone must know the Differences Between the Bibliography and Reference List Before Proceeding

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